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Junior high badminton players compete at championship tournament

ST. PAUL - Junior high badminton players from across the St. Paul Athletics Association (SPAA) region took part in this year’s junior championship tournament on April 25.

ST. PAUL - Junior high badminton players from across the St. Paul Athletics Association (SPAA) region took part in this year’s junior championship tournament on April 25. 

A total of 262 athletes competed, with matches taking place at Racette Jr. High School, Glen Avon School, Regional High School, and École du Sommet. 

The day included “Good competition, lots of sportsmanship, lots of teamwork,” according to Jennifer Machetchuk, one of the tournament organizers. Athletes came from 12 different schools within the SPAA region. 

The overall girls’ champion was Racette Jr. High, while the girls’ aggregate champion was FG Miller from Elk Point. 

The overall boys’ champion was FG Miller, while the boys’ aggregate champion was École du Sommet. 

The overall mixed champion was Glen Avon School, and the mixed aggregate champion was Racette Jr. High School 

Top results from Junior SPAA badminton 

A Boys Singles: 1st Duanne Rivera (FG Miller), 2nd Alex Kennedy (Glen Avon), 3rd Mathew Zarowny (Racette) 

B Boys Singles: 1st Bryley Gagne (Ecole Mallaig), 2nd Madden Flamand (FG Miller), 3rd Braylee Lesyk (FG Miller) 

C Boys Singles: 1st Wyatt Fontaine (FG Miller), 2nd Brody Martin (Ecole Mallaig), 3rd Brendan Kadutski (FG Miller) 

A Boys Doubles: 1st Sebastian Toma and Lucas Nikiforu (Two Hills), 2nd Landon Trach and Jonathan Lastiwk (Two Hills), 3rd Robert Sandmeyer and Quinn Leepart (Racette) 

B Boys Doubles: 1st Linken Mahe and Will Lafrance (Racette), 2nd Ibrahim Yamani and Fred Janz (Ecole Mallaig), 3rd Patrick Sesay and Seth Martin (Racette) 

C Boys Doubles: 1st Colby Kurek and Crew LaFrance (Glen Avon), 2nd Matthias Agnemark and Colson Maheu (Ecole du Sommet), 3rd Mason Naundorf and Marco Hladunewich (Racette) 

A Girls Singles: 1st Natalie Leroux (Racette), 2nd Annalise Morton (Racette), 3rd Adasyn Havener (FG Miller) 

B Girls Singles: 1st Irelyn Loughran (Racette), 2nd Phoenix Thomas (Two Hills), 3rd Jayde Hebert (Racette) 

C Girls Singles: 1st Mary Balintag (Glen Avon), 2nd Tenley Krankowsky (FG Miller), 3rd Ashlyn Morris (Racette) 

A Girls Doubles: 1st Riann Henderson and Angie Guenter (Glen Avon), 2nd Savana Kostrub and Avery Pederson (Glen Avon), 3rd Madison Elkow and Seanna Toma (Two Hills) 

B Girls Doubles: 1st Hailey Axley and Xaraya Rajoo (Two Hills), 2nd Amber Gilbert and Hadley Smereka (FG Miller), 3rd Dagne St. Arnault and Arielle Billo (Racette) 

C Girls Doubles: 1st Brynn Culp and Olivia Jean (Racette), 2nd Kali Janz and Peyton Smith (Glendon), 3rd Maya Swiegocka and Orysia Yaremchuk (Racette) 

A Mixed Doubles: 1st Ella Kitz and Kayden Taschuk (Two Hills), 2nd Alexis Paradis and Christian Siewiertoka (Glen Avon), 3rd Cherie Labrie and Carson Sales (Racette) 

B Mixed Doubles: 1st Trish Labrie and David Looy (Glen Avon), 2nd Brooklyn Deschamps and Royce Makokis (Glen Avon), 3rd Hayden Feland and Austin Amyotte (Ecole Mallaig) 

C Mixed Doubles: 1st Jordyn Parsons and Tyson Trefenanko (Glen Avon), 2nd Harper Matthews and Eddie Balash-Dack (New Myrnam), 3rd Mayumi Dizon and Ryan Noel (Racette) 

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