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St. Paul 4-H Multi Club helps with spring clean-up, members get ready for achievement days

ST. PAUL - It's Ella again, the reporter from the St. Paul 4-H multi club.

ST. PAUL - It's Ella again, the reporter from the St. Paul 4-H multi club. I want to share a little about highway clean-up and how much fun it was this year, but before I tell you that, I want you to know more about 4-H and what highway clean-up means for our community.

To be successful, 4-H believes we must 'learn to do by doing' and one of the ways we learn is through our hands. I can certainly say that participating in my first highway clean-up taught me a lot and it felt good to use my hands for larger service to better my community and the health of our country.

4-H is all about helping the community and it is also about getting to know more families and meeting new friends. Together we are building relationships while we participate in these community service activities.

I actually had fun cleaning up the highways because I was making new friends at the same time. The bonus was looking around afterwards at the nice clean ground, which gives the animals a cleaner place to live and that feels good in my heart.

Now I'd like to tell you about highway clean up this year. It was a nice spring morning when all our friends and families gathered at the AG corral on May 4. We watched a safety video, then grabbed our supplies and we were off. 

The Lanza's, dad and I went to St. Brides and started to pick up garbage. All families had one mile to clean-up (north or south of the highway). It was a long morning of hard work, but when you turn it into a little game it becomes fun.

When we finished the mile, my dad and I went to help other families that had smaller kids or needed some extra help because as my dad said it gets the job done faster - little did he know he was role modelling some of the values of 4-H also.

Our little cleaver members and younger siblings picked garbage all around the ball diamonds and recreation centre while we were out on the highway. Since  they had to stay back, more of the community is cleaner than just the ditches along the highway.

After every family finished their mile, we all met at the final mile near King's Motel Road. With all that hard work, we were all eager to meet back at the AG corral to enjoy an amazing sponsored lunch by Sobeys and the Town of St. Paul.

Beautiful weather, clean ditches, full hearts and full bellies, 4-H highway clean up of 2024 was a great success.

Some fun news for all, we are having our project achievement days. Our riding club already had their achievement day on May 11 and our small engine project recently had their big day on May 21, but you can still catch some of our other projects. 

The remaining dates are as follows:

Sheep Project - June 6 at 2 p.m. at the Ag Barn

Beef Project - May 31 at 11 p.m. at the Ag Barn

Creativite Project Showcase - (TBA-early June)

I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about 4-H and highway clean up this year plus how much fun 4-H is. Wishing you all a safe and fun summer.

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