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Town of St. Paul purchases aerial fire truck

Used fire truck purchased from City of Airdrie

ST. PAUL - After Town of St. Paul council gave special permission to allow the Director of Protective Services the ability to put an offer on a used fire truck this summer - within a specific budget - the St. Paul Fire Department now has its own aerial fire truck.

Trevor Kotowich, the director of protective services, fire, and emergency management, was on hand to make the announcement official during the Nov. 23 council meeting. He noted that the truck was being picked up on Tuesday and would be in town by Wednesday. 

"I am pleased to inform council that we have been successful in the purchase of a used aerial fire truck from the City of Airdrie," stated Kotowich.

The truck is a 2001 Spartan Smeal 75’ Ladder Fire Truck that was in service up to a number of months ago, at which time it was replaced by a new unit, he explained. The truck was purchased for $39,138, which was well below the $100,000 budget set.

"Once all of our equipment has been transferred over, we will begin training on the truck prior to it being placed in service. Hopefully, if all goes as planned, the truck will be in service ready to serve the community by March 2021, if not sooner," said Kotowich.

Kotowich thanked council for their commitment toward purchasing the aerial truck and said he felt the truck would be a good fit for the department.

Because of the recent purchase, the fire department will have to get rid of a surplus fire truck due to a lack of space. The 1987 Ford Low Tilt C Fire Truck was purchased from the Town of Bonnyville in 2012, and served as a second truck for out of town fire until a new pumper was purchased in 2016. Since then, it has been used for training.

"I am requesting Town Council to permit me to liquidate the 1987 Ford Fire Truck through either a direct purchase of a buyer, or a licensed auction house for fair-market value," said Kotowich. Funds from the sale of the truck would go back into the Town's Fire Department Reserve fund.

Council agreed to allow for the sale of the truck, as recommended by Kotowich.