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COVID-19 cases at École des Beaux-Lacs

AHS has informed parents there are two positive cases of COVID-19 at École des Beaux-Lacs.
AHS has announced two or more cases at École des Beaux Lacs.`

BONNYVILLE - École des Beaux-Lacs is the most recent Bonnyville school to have positive COVID-19 cases.

On April 30, Alberta Health Services (AHS) released a statement alerting parents there were two or more positive cases of the virus at the local Francophone school.

AHS is investigating the positive cases in order to determine who may have been exposed.

"The virus is passed from person to person through tiny droplets of liquid, spread by coughing, sneezing, talking, laughing and singing. This means that a person would need to have direct contact with droplets from a sick person or contaminated surfaces to be exposed to the virus. The risk of the general population in the school becoming infected because of these cases is low," the statement said.

Those who have been in close contact with someone at the school who has a confirmed case of COVID-19 will be contacted by the school or AHS.

Meagan MacEachern, Bonnyville Nouvelle