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Pastry perils

If someone told me the story of a person up until 12:30 in the morning waiting for their homemade pie crusts to finish baking because they had promised their co-workers they would have a pie to sample the following morning after having already disapp
Illustration seminar draws young artists

Illustration seminar draws young artists

Think you cannot draw, Lorna Bennett will prove that you can. Bennett, a renowned illustrator, was recently in Bonnyville providing an instructive and interactive illustration seminar for people of any age, interested in drawing.

Events Centre seeks MD funds

The City of Cold Lakes hopes the MD of Bonnyville can help with the construction of a new arena. Former city councillor Armand Gagnier asked MD council for a one-time contribution of around $3 million to the Community Events Centre on Sept. 22.

New Kehewin principal brings in new approach

Kehewin Community Education Centre's new principal, Alan Pogson, is encouraging students back to school and giving them reasons to come back, including awards incentives, rides home from after-school sports, revamping the school and a new approach.

Long gun registry lives to see another day

A vote that narrowly saved the long gun registry will not stop the Conservatives from fighting to get rid of the registry long despised by his constituents, says the MP for Westlock-St. Paul.

Cenovus gets expansion approval

Cenovus Energy announced the approval of a $2 billion expansion expected to increase production to 210,000 barrels of oil per day by 2017 at its Foster Creek facility north of Bonnyville last week.
Minnie Lake hearing postponed

Minnie Lake hearing postponed

The Minnie Lake Conservation Society held an open meeting on Thursday to discuss what's next in its goal of amending or stopping proposed drilling near Minnie Lake.

Raisonalicious clusters

I tried out my first recipe for the Nouvelle's cooking section. Rose Gregoire submitted her chocolate raisin cluster recipe, which turned out to be a great starter project. It's pretty easy, as no baking is required, and quick to prepare.

Town council supports city centre airport campaign

Town council had planned to donate a dollar for every Bonnyville resident to Envision Edmonton, a total of $6,470, until Edmonton city council pulled the plug on organizers' goal of a plebiscite, where Edmonton residents would have voted on whether t
Local artist to hold art show

Local artist to hold art show

Rose-Marie Cameron has always been artistic, from visual art to music to drama. As an arts teacher, art has always remained a part of her life, but it wasn't until a few years ago when Cameron rehashed her old passion.