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City of Cold Lake opens off-leash dog park

Sept. 17 marked the official opening of the off-leash dog park in Cold Lake

COLD LAKE – Dogs in the City of Cold Lake have a new place to call their own.

The city announced on Sept. 17 that dog owners could now access the city’s first off-leash dog park.

Located at Imperial Park, just south of the pickleball courts, the park boasts 45,000 square feet of fenced area for dogs to play, exercise, and socialize safely and in a controlled area.

Collette Kell, Cold Lake resident, has utilized the space almost every day since it was opened to the public.

“It’s just nice to have a safe spot to let the dogs socialize and run around,” she said. “I think it’s good because, otherwise, how do you socialize them and keep them friendly with people?”

The park is separated into areas for large and small dogs, which was a positive for user Cindy Yang.

“I like that there’s a larger section for larger dogs, one that wants to mingle in a larger space, and then a smaller dog area for the more timid or smaller dogs. I think that’s really nice.”

There are also two staging areas, where owners can remove or attach their dog’s leash before entering or exiting the park.

The rules for using the space include dogs having a valid license, the animals must have all of their vaccinations up to date, and they cannot be in heat. They must also be able to respond to verbal commands, and owners are asked to bring plastic doggie bags in order to clean up after their animals.

Future improvements being considered for the park to include seating, a walking park, and additional lighting.

“I think those will be really good for the dogs and the dog mamas and dads alike,” noted Yang.

Kell was glad to hear about more being added to the area.

“I think it would be great to have some lighting added at night for safety,” Kell noted. “I’m also hoping that they’ll keep the grass really short because it’s hard to find a mess. By the time you get to the mess, the dog has moved on and now you’re looking for it.”

The off-leash dog park was approved in the 2020 capital budget and cost the city approximately $26,000.

Robynne Henry, Bonnyville Nouvelle