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Accepting Applications for the Community Street Ambassador Role

Pleased to meet you ...

Last year, two people were hired for a new role created by municipal officials to help visitors and residents have a more welcoming experience in the busy Lac La Biche downtown.

And the application process to find two candidates for this summer's program is starting now.

The Community Street Ambassador program brought in summer positions who worked with Peace Officers and the local businesses to keep a watchful eye on the community's business sector while serving as ambassadors and contact points for visitors needing assistance. The role was very successful in its first year, say municipal officials, as the ambassadors helped municipal peace officers conduct 175 additional downtown patrols and provided assistance with 78 complaints. 

Sgt. Chris Clark, the County’s Manager of Enforcement Services, goes more in-depth as to other responsibilities the job has.

“The street ambassadors helped reduce loitering downtown. They also regularly engaged business owners, and due to their successes, we began a graffiti clean-up program.”

Want the job?

Individuals who want to apply for the role must be currently enrolled in a law enforcement, criminal justice, sociology, or social work post-secondary program. 

“The candidates should also have good communication skills, conflict management abilities, the ability to work under minimal supervision, and experience with radio communications are also essential,” says Clarke. 

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The deadline for candidates to apply is January 30.