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Library Con lived up to the fantasy

Lovers of books, comics, video games, board games, and cosplay rejoiced on Saturday, January 11 for its fifth year of Library Con.

Lovers of books, comics, video games, board games, and cosplay rejoiced on Saturday, January 11 at the annual Library Con. Organizers at Lac La Biche's Stuart MacPherson Public LIbrary say there were more than 150 people in attendance for the day filled with games such as Dungeons & Dragons, a chance to dive into virtual reality, an opportunity to get crafty, and so much more. 

Jailyn Corbin, of Jailyn Corbin Fine Arts, was drawing cartoon characters to sell for $5 throughout the day. She also had some of her larger pieces on display that cost up to $25. Corbin has had a passion for art and has been a self-taught artist since hold a pencil. 

“I never took art classes, just high school art," said Corbin, explaining that she has always known how she likes to create art and didn't need any specific instruction or need to learn other kinds of art.

Another person with a passion that was asked to attend the event was writer T.K. Boomer. The author is more than half way through his eventual science-fiction trilogy of books called the Fahr Trilogy. They series of novels are written from the perspective of aliens who are making their first contact with humans. 

“The aliens are coming to earth and they aren’t really interested in humans,” Boomer told the POST during a lull in the Library Con action. “They are interested in animals that can sing, because the aliens have a physiology where they get (worked up) by the animal songs. So it’s like a sonic drug for them. When the aliens come to earth they discover the best singer on the planet, which happens to be the humpback whale.”

T.K.’s trilogy will be available at the library for anyone that wants to read them. It is recommended that the readership be over the age of 14 for his style of storytelling.

For all ages during the LIbrary Con, there was a costume contest featuring the likenesses of popular culture characters from literature, stage, screen and graphic novels. Winning costumes in age ranges from adult to under six included Victorian Tuxedo Man from Sailor Moon, Link, Wolverine and Princess Leia. For confidentiality reasons the winners names won’t be released, but the winner for the adult costume contest was a victorian Tuxedo Man (from Sailor Moon), for the 12 to 17 category the winner was Link, the 7 to 11 category winner was Wolverine, and the 6 and under category winner was Princess Leia.

This was the fifth year the Stuart MacPherson Library has hosted the Library Con event. It's expected to be back next year at the same bat-place and same bat-time.