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Multi-Test celebrates grand opening

Multi Test grows in size over 10 years of Lac La Biche and area service

LAC LA BICHE - Lac La Biche's Multi-Test staff and their clients have a new building to call home. The new, 5,000 square-foot facility supports a growing community, re-charged workforce and new clients, says Multi-Test Drug and Alcohol Testing owner Lina Yadlowsky. 

With a grand-opening just before Christmas, the new and expanded facility continues to offer drug and alcohol testing, safety courses, and examinations necessary for the area's workforce, primarily in labour-oriented roles.

The new building — and the ability to expand with a growing workforce — was an early Christmas present, said Yadlowsky.

“I'm very proud of it. We have worked hard as a family for Multi-Test to get it to where it is today, and I feel that it's a real blessing and I want to share my blessing with others in the community,” she said.

The site is located on Mission Road about two kilometres north of the Lac La Biche Airport, and is built on the literal and figurative foundation of the original workplace that first opened its doors in 2013. From a single trailer offering one room for courses and sessions, the new Multi-Test as more than tripled in size, now offering multi-spaces to accommodate multi-sessions.

“Before, we could only hold so many people in the old space and only have one class at a time. This way, we can hold up to three classes the same day,” Yadlowsky says. 

Self help classes 

Training courses and certifications offered at Multi-Test include H2S awareness, dangerous goods knowledge training, global ground training, first aid certifications, bear awareness, and more. With the new space, Multi-Test will also soon be offering a brand-new simulated fire watch course.  

While the courses are primarily aimed at the industrial workforce, Yadlowsky says they can also have important applications in many areas of day-to-day life for any community member.  An entry level first-aid course, can be useful for new moms, for example. 

“It's very helpful if you're a first-time mom and you're not sure about if your baby's choking, what to do, or how to do it. If you have training you can be better prepared. If you want to, then we have a facility to come and take first aid and learn about it.” 

Alongside the courses, the new Multi-Test facility offers expanded space for workplace testing requested by employers. Trained  technicians test for hearing and breathing issues using new, state-of-the art equipment, while screening tests for drug and alcohol are also conducted by trained staff.

Yadlowsky, who is also an instructor and a drug, alcohol, and audio metrics technician, says she looks forward to continuing her connection with the community through the expanded space and services of Multi-Test. She looks forward to the next decade of community service.

“To all those who have used our services, I want to say thank you — and I know we'll see you again. To those who have yet to try us — we've expanded to make room for you. We'll see you soon.”