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Stringing together something different for an event in Plamondon

Macrame workshop will be a hands-on lesson

PLAMONDON - For Plamondon and area residents looking to tie into something new during the reduced events of the COVID pandemic, a macrame workshop at the Plamondon Festival Center has been threaded together for next month. The art of macrame involves tying knots using cord or string to create designs and various textiles.

Kayla Maskalyk, who started her own business called Perfectly Tangled selling her macrame creations, will be leading the workshop on Dec. 11 — which gives people lots of rope to plan their calendars in advance.

Maskalyk began learning macrame just this past February and her new hobby quickly became a passion.

“I started this past February, and I have had such an overwhelming interest in it that it’s been keeping me quite busy. After watching it online, it really appealed to me, she said. “I really enjoyed doing it, so I started selling my pieces and it has taken off from there.”

Since February, Maskalyk estimates that she has made more than 250 pieces and she is not planning to stop anytime soon. For those who attend the workshop, they will be learning four basic macrame knots and be making their own piece to take home.

“The workshop will be between three and four hours, and there are 40 to 45 spots open for it,” she said. “I will be teaching them how to make a shelving unit that they can bring home and they will be learning some of the history behind macrame as well.”

Tickets for the workshop are $54, and include light refreshments. Spots are limited because of COVID-19, so Maskalyk recommends people rope a seat as soon as they can.
“All I would say is give it a try - you never know you will like something until you try it out. I’m going to be there to help, so no one will walk out of there empty handed,” said Maskalyk.

Tickets can be purchased through the Eventbrite website searching for “Macrame Workshop” on Dec. 11.

The Plamondon Community Development Society has also assisted with the event.