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Students and staff take first steps to JAWS Cup

Students' Union event is a fun competition through school year

LAC LA BICHE - There was a lot at stake Friday lunchtime in the J.A. Williams High School gym. Student teams competed against other student teams ... and they all want to beat the teacher team ... for a chance to hoist the coveted JAWS CUP.

The first events of the "Off-Season Reindeer Games" took over the gymnasium for the lunch hour, pitting teams against each other in a timed medley of silly events including a five-person 'ski-walk', a team bean-bag toss and a giant sized memory puzzle using pylons and sheets of construction paper.


The "Off-Season Reindeer Games" are hosted by the JAWS Students' Union.

 "This event is part of a year-long competition in which student teams (and the “Dad-bod” teacher team) are competing to win the ultimate title as winners of the JAWS Cup," explained teacher coordinator to the Students' Union and JAWS Science teacher Danika White.

Though science only had a little to do with the challenges — a little bit of force-times-mass perhaps in the ski-walk — the teachers took the first step towards the JAWS Cup, winning the first event with the best overall time.

The 'Games' began a little later than planned this school year due to the cold weather and bus cancellations that reduced student attendance in December. 

The events give students a chance to have some fun and get a mental break, says JAWS associate principal Kim Nashim. She hopes to see more students take part in the next series of games that are expected in the coming weeks. 

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