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Watch local, young talent on the stage

There's some mature, thought-provoking content in JAWS one-act plays.

Got last-minute plans for Wednesday night? Want some? 

You probably don't have time to see a play at McGrane Theatre on a work night ... so they's making it a four-play night.

Four, short, one-act plays performed and crafted to the local stage by J. A. Williams High School students — now that's a night out.

Interested? Still wondering if the "four-play" wording at the end of the third sentence was an intended inuendo?

Well — if you're OK with more adult themes, these plays will be OK for you, says JAWS fine arts teacher Aimee Berland.

"The plays do contain some mature... difficult content and language," cautions Berland — so it might not be a family night out. But the effort, emotion and work put in by the students makes it a worthwhile outing for a mature audience looking for a thought-provoking way to spend the night.

"Our plays deal with some difficult issues of violence, assault and perceptions," said Berland. "Our plays really follow a theme of perception this year. How people see themselves, how others see them and how the world handles those perceptions."

Despite the serious nature of the themes, two of the performances are comedies — although one is billed as a dark one.


Check out the plays on Wednesday night starting at 7 p.m. Get an idea of what the kids are thinking.

Tickets at the Door

Tickets are available at the door. The $10 admission goes straight towards the students' planned trip to Red Deer later this month to take part in the Provincial One Act Festival ... oh, did we forget ... one of these plays will be featured at the festival.

Enjoy something different.



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