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Boscombe Country Corral performers hit the stage

The Boscombe Country Corral was back in tune on May 28, following two years of silence due to the pandemic.

BOSCOMBE - Over 54 people attended the Boscombe Country Corral on May 28, with performers ranging in age from 40 to 89 years. They came from all over the local and extended area including Boscombe, St. Paul, Heinsburg, Cold Lake, and Leduc.

The Corral allows amateur performers to share their talent and love of music expressed vocally or with instruments, or a combination thereof.

Several of the entertainers expressed mutual feelings of being nervous and out of practice after two and a half years of absence from the stage, due to the pandemic. One performer stated, “It’s a little different to sit and strum your guitar in your living room, than standing up there on the stage playing in front of a crowd.”

But, it didn’t matter much to those viewing the performances. Attendees were all just relieved to gather and sing-along to some country classics.

The flavour of music included songs made popular by country favourites like Charley Pride, Loretta Lynn, Willie Nelson, and Tom T. Hall, just to name a few.

The event heard several special dedications - like that of Mary Burak’s from Heinsburg, who sang Seven Spanish Angels for her recently passed brother. Pauline Roberge from St. Paul also dedicated a song - this one for the Ukraine. It was a lively Ukrainian instrumental played on her accordion.

The eveningcertainly created anticipation for the return of Boscombe’s Annual outdoor Hillbilly Jam, which is scheduled for July 8-10. The huge, free, three-day event attracts performers and visitors from all parts of the Western Provinces.