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Caregivers and teens engage in creative workshops

LAC LA BICHE - Over 30 teens and their caregivers participated in a hands-on activity last Wednesday evening to not only get creative but build connections in Lac La Biche County.  

The Art of Conversation is a three-part weekly program that wrapped up on July 27 with a mini-terrarium building session led by artist Solene Lamoureux. The program was put on by Family and Community Support Services (FCSS). 

The sessions also included a macrame and painting workshop in July for teens and guardians between the ages of 13-17, said Christine Martin, Community Outreach Worker with FCSS. 

The program not only allowed youth and their caregivers to engage in hands-on activities, but was also a way for young people and their guardians to get to know one another. 

“We wanted to find a way to get caregivers and their kids talking and building their relationships. Doing a cool activity like building terrariums while asking each other questions guided by our staff is a great way to do that," she explained. 

Lamoureux, who also works with the Lac La Biche Canadian Native Friendship Centree, led the terrarium building class as a way to get the group learning a little bit more about science and building a living ecosystem. 

“It’s kind of a science experiment. It’s in its own little ecosystem. If you have a lid on it, you don’t have to water it or anything as long as there is some moisture in there it will actually evaporate in the jar,” she said. Additionally, terrariums are a low-maintenance plant that recycles air for those who don’t have the best success in keeping them alive, she added. 

“Condensation builds in the terrarium so it will go back into the base and the plants make their own oxygen. These could last up to a year… It’s good for people who aren’t the best at taking care of plants.” 

Lamoureux looks forward to guiding more hands-on activities and programs for young people and their caregivers at FCSS soon. 

“It’s good, especially for this age group to have parents and kids together creating… I think next time we’ll do rock painting or nail art.” 


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