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Local 11-year-old unofficially breaks Rubik's Cube record

Leland Warburton has unofficially broken a world record at just 11-years-old. The Bonnyville youth solved a Rubik’s cube while operating a hover board in 19 seconds, besting the current world record of 30 seconds.

BONNYVILLE - Eleven-year-old Leland Warburton is unofficially the world record holder for the fastest time solving a Rubik's Cube while operating a hover board. 

Although they'll still be waiting several more weeks before they receive confirmation from the Guiness Book of World Records, Leland managed to best the current 30 second record with 11 seconds to spare.

In front of his school, École des Beaux-Lacs, the local 11-year-old solved a Rubik's Cube while on a hover board in just 19 seconds. 

After three warm-up runs where he finished the task in roughly 25 to 26-seconds, Leland was ready to tackle the official attempt, leaving his testing times in the dust.

“(It feels) amazing,” he told Lakeland This Week after breaking the record on Sunday afternoon. 

Lianne Warburton said it was amazing to watch her son achieve his goal.

"He is actually very very talented at solving a Rubik's Cube, and we knew it. He came to us and said 'I think I want to do a Guiness Book of World Records," she detailed. 

Leland set his mind to the task in April 2020, when students were told they would be learning from home due to the pandemic. 

"I decided I wanted something to do, so I chose Rubik’s Cubing, and I am happy I did,” Leland expressed. 

When he was first getting started, Leland was completing a Rubik's Cube in roughly one minute, and with hard work, managed to cut that time down significantly.

"That was when he started looking for a record he could break and he came across this one," said Lianne. 

Leading up to his record attempt, Leland admitted he was nervous, but after a few practice runs he felt confident.

"I was just thinking, if I do it how I usually do it, it will go good," he noted. 

Nineteen seconds isn't even his personal best. 

According to Lianne, in every day Rubik's Cube competitions, Leland is given 15 seconds before the clock to examine the cube after it's mixed.

"That actually takes about five to 10 seconds off of his solve time, but with the Guiness (Book of World Records) rules they sent out, there was no look time," outlined Lianne. 

In order to make an official attempt, Leland needed at least two timekeepers, a number of witnesses, an official photographer, a cube mixer, a cube inspector, and a videographer all watching his every move. 

"There are definitely a lot of rules, but it went very smoothly," stated Lianne, adding she wanted to thank the volunteers that came out to assist in the day, including the Town and MD of Bonnyville, Bonnyville Regional Fire Authority, and MD Peace Officers, among others. 

"The Town of Bonnyville is so amazing, (everyone) came out on very short notice. We just asked them Friday afternoon and they all came out on their weekend and we are very grateful," she added. 

Leland encouraged other kids who have goals like his to simply try.

"If you work toward doing anything, eventually you'll get it." 

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