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Night Lights: While you were sleeping, it was quite a storm

Heat warning and severe storm warnings issued Monday for Lakeland. Tuesday could set heat record

Lightning lit up the skies over much of the Lakeland on Monday night and into Tuesday morning, causing Environment Canada to issue a severe storm warning for the region.

After hours of thunder, lightning and rain showers, the storm warning was lifted early Tuesday morning.

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Record-setting heat

A heat advisory also  issued by Environment Canada for the region — with temperatures in the area  expecting to hit 30C on Tuesday afternoon — remained in effect going into Tuesday. If the mercury hits 30 in Lac La Biche later on Tuesday, it will break a 2009 record temperature of 27.3C .

Tuesday is the only hot day of the weeks, however, as temperatures from Wednesday through to the weekend are expected to be in the mid-20s for most of the Lakeland.

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