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Refunds to be given on school fees

SPERD to refund some school fees to families, process will take about a month to complete

ST. PAUL - Some families with students enroled at St. Paul Education Regional Division schools will be receiving refunds on school fees for the 2019/20 school year, due to classes being cancelled by the provincial government in mid-March.

During the school board's April 15 meeting, Secretary-Treasurer Jean Champagne explained some guidelines have been established, including setting a minimum amount so that cheques weren't being sent out for very small amounts.

Items not used at all, such as swimming lessons or field trips, will be refunded to families 100 per cent, said Jean. Other items, such as agendas, which have been used by students, will not be refunded. Some items may be partially refunded and will be assessed on an individual basis.

Refunds will be done automatically and parents do not have to request them. A minimum amount of $25 has been set. Refunds are done on a school level, so if a family has students in different schools, amounts are not totalled. If a family has multiple students attending the same school, the amounts may be totalled.

If a family has a credit for less than $25, it will simple be credited to the next school year, said Champagne.

Despite a minimum amount being set, during discussions on Wednesday, Brodziak noted that if a family needs an amount less than $25 that they've been credited, the division will get it to them.

"It's not our place to judge."

The process will involve a lot of paperwork and Champagne is asking parents to be patient as the process will likely take about a month.

The board also approved its school fees for the 2020/21 school year during its April 15 meeting. The fees had been discussed prior to classes being cancelled in March, and had been discussed at a number of parent council meetings already.