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Blaise Hunter nominated for a global business award

Author, fertility expert, and public speaker, Blaise Hunter, has had her work been recognized on a global scale
Blaise Hunter
Blaise Hunter has been nominated for a global award.

BONNYVILLE – Blaise Hunter’s message is being heard on the global scale.  

The author, fertility expert, and public speaker, who got her start in Bonnyville, was nominated for a 2021 Global Business Mothers Award.   

“I think (my nomination) is partly to do with that mother of purpose and getting everyone to know that they were a mother, even if they actually aren’t,” Hunter expressed.  

Hunter believes her work of expanding the definition of fertility being elevated and put into the spotlight after having her name put forward for the Cold Lake Women of Influence Award and Universal Women’s Network in the Women of Inspiration Award is why she was nominated for a global award.  

“We’re not barren and we can still be fertile in barren seasons,” she explained. “Whether that be with actual physical babies or a hardship like a pandemic. I help inspire people to pick up and carry any dreams or goals that you’ve had and birth a new version of you or your business ideas. I think that’s part of my main goal and it’s just such an honour to be recognized for that.”  

The Global Business Mothers Awards, which are presented by the Women’s Business School, is based out of Australia and celebrates the best and brightest mothers in the business globally. The event is meant to acknowledge success in entrepreneurship, innovation, and philanthropic ventures, their website states.  

An awards ceremony will be hosted in Australia in September and the winner of the global awards will be released online in October.   

Hunter started the heroine movement when she lived in Bonnyville, which is all about women empowerment and encouraging them to raise themselves to become the superhero of their lives.   

This movement began for Hunter at a time in her life when she needed to accept her imperfections and embrace her inner beauty. She was battling an autoimmune disease while taking time off to be a stay-at-home mom and she suffered three miscarriages during this time.  

In 2018, she published her book ‘Heroine’ and shared her struggles. The experience allowed her to heal from her grief and trauma from her miscarriages.  

Footprints Infertility and Pregnancy Loss Support Initiative is one of Hunter’s projects, along with Footprints Support Bags for families who experience a loss. The COVID-19 pandemic put a lot of the work Hunter had planned on hold and she had to pivot the way she did business through her company, Blaise the Trail Inc.  

“I think that we all were faced with (challenges), whether you let the storm of life take you out or you leaned into it, got gritty, and turned it into your pearls. That’s the decision we all had to make and because I was doing so much with motivational speaking and promoting my book, I decided to go back to my roots of marketing and public relations,” she detailed. “I really expanded my work then to incorporate others to help brand their businesses because I was doing the same in the pandemic and I’ve also written a book. I know the process and have a whole map of how to go from start to finish. I created a whole program to birth your book and it’s been an amazing success in that department.”  

This falls under Hunter’s signature series that includes Birth Your Brand, Birth your Voice, and Birth Your Story.  

Hunter is also in the process of writing her second novel, which has a release date of 2022. It will be all about human communication.  

“We, as a race, solely rely on communication to function and yet we prove to be horrible communicators,” she noted. “I really want to expand, dig deep, and kind of a give a how to be the best communicator on many fronts all across the board.”  

Robynne Henry, Bonnyville Nouvelle

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