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Fighting boredom with board games

BONNYVILLEMythik Games is helping local families unbox some fun if they're stuck at home.

The Bonnyville business launched their latest endeavour, Game Night in a Box, for those feeling a little stir crazy.

Co-owner Brad Brusdeilins got the inspiration for the idea when he heard of many stores switching to delivery due to concerns from the coronavirus and people being under self-isolation.

“It’s one way to keep people sane. After a couple of days stuck at home with two kids, I was ready to pull my hair out,” he laughed. “I just thought it would be a good way to keep families entertained and it’s something a little different.”

Customers have the option of three game packages, with the choice of renting between two to five games for one or two nights. With the abiltiy to choose from Mythik Games' selection of 300 board games, the options range in difficulty to make it fun for all age levels. The Game Night in a Box can be delivered anywhere in town and as far as Fort Kent for a fee.

With the service, they're also keeping health and safety top of mind.

“If you call it might take us an hour or so to get the games sanitized and packed up to deliver them. We’ll open all the games and sanitize all of the pieces,” detailed Brusdeilins. “If there’s dice and stuff, we can put it in a bleach solution to clean them as much as possible. Then we’ll put it in a box and there will be a slip inside the box with all the games you’re renting from us.”

There is also the option of purchasing munchies, which would be included in the package.

Once customers are finished with the fun, an employee from Mythik Games will swing by to pick up the rented games.

“There’s no need for them to sanitize, we’ll sanitize them once they get back into the shop,” Brusdeilins noted.

While people are in self-isolation, Brusdeilins believes Game Night in a Box is a great way to come together and enjoy a few hours of unplugged fun.

“It gets you face-to-face with people and your family,” he explained. “It’s just a way for families to come together around the kitchen table and have a good night of face-to-face interactions.”

Due to the coronavirus, Brusdeilins noted the number of people stopping by the shop has dropped significantly and they’re working on different ways of helping their customers out.

“Besides renting, we’re also going to open up and give people our distributors page. If they want to buy some games, they can buy some.”

Those that have been participating in their in-store campaigns, for games such and Dungeons and Dragons, will have the option to go online.

“I want to keep our community together because, over the last six or seven months that we’ve been open, we’ve built a nice and stable community where everyone gets along and knows everybody. I’d like to keep it together as much as possible,” he expressed.

Robynne Henry, Bonnyville Nouvelle