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Elk Point 4-H Multi Club speaks out

The Elk Point 4-H Multi Club spent part of the long weekend practicing their public speaking skills and demonstrations at the club's Communications event.

ELK POINT – A small but talented group of Elk Point 4-H Multi Club members brought their public speaking and demonstration skills to the judges on Sunday, Feb. 19 at the club’s Communications competition at Elk Point Elementary School.

Judges Sharon Boorse, Mackenzie Evans, Jean Pelchat and Morgan Baker were introduced by mistress of ceremonies Darianna Boorse, who outlined their 4-H involvement, as well as that of the speakers and presenters.

After seeing the presentations and hearing the speeches, Pelchat, a former member of the St. Paul 4-H Multi Club, felt “there was a lot of good information shared,” and suggesting that the presentations would have had more impact had they been on a stage, where the demonstration items would have been more visible.

Baker, whose 4-H experience had been with the Elk Point Light Horse 4-H club, praised the participants on their research, saying, “I definitely learned a lot.”

Boorse, who has been involved with 4-H clubs for decades, said the “three really good young ladies did an excellent job,” while Evans, a former member of the club, said she felt it was “a full circle moment, I started in 4-H at age nine,” and told the speakers that the lack of a microphone could have been overcome by speaking more loudly.

Following the presentation of gifts to the judges, teller and timer Ellen Seward and Lucille Smith and impromptu tellers Yolanda Kinjerski and Tammy Klatt, Darianna had the honor of announcing the winners.

Alexa Danyluk, with a prepared speech on ‘Kangaroos’ and an impromptu on ‘My Favorite Season: Winter’, placed first in the Junior Speech category, with Sierra Smith, speaking on her ‘Baseball Experience’ and following up with an impromptu on ‘My Favorite Hobby – Horseback Riding’ placing second. Her younger sister, Cleaver member Lanie Smith, spoke on ‘Why I Need a Puppy’, to the delight of the audience.

Shaylyn and Shyanne Klatt topped the Senior Presentations with ‘An Industry That Impacts the World’, that of beef and dairy cattle raising, while Jove Boorse placed second with ‘The Touring Years,’ telling about the stellar career of the Beatles.

Alexis Danyluk and the Klatt sisters will now advance to the District Communications competition on March 12 in Elk Point.