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St. Paul District 4-H speakers and presenters compete in Elk Point

Elk Point 4-H Beef Club hosted the 2023 District Communications Event on Sunday, March 12.
The top speakers and presenters from St. Paul Multi Club, Boscombe and Goodridge Beef Clubs joined the Elk Point 4-H Beef and Multi Clubs in Elk Point on March 12 for the District Communications competition, held at F. G. Miller High School.

ELK POINT – Elk Point 4-H Beef Club hosted the 2023 District Communications Event on Sunday, March 12, where the winners from their Feb. 26 event competed against the top presenters and speakers from the St. Paul Multi Club, Goodridge, Boscombe and Elk Point Multi Club.

Presentations were the first order of business, with Payslee Trefanenko of St. Paul Multi Club the winning Junior with her presentation entitled ‘Twist and Tumble.’ In the Intermediate group, St. Paul brothers Kurt and Ethan Yaremko answered the question, ‘Are You Ready For Some Football?’ to place first, while Boscombe member Emma Anne Miller was second with her presentation, ‘Tacked Up.’ Shaylyn and Shyanne Klatt were the Senior winners with ‘An Industry That Impacts the World.’

Four of the five clubs were represented in the Junior Speeches competition, judged by Harold Ross, Patty Mathiot and Mike Kirk, with Andrew Kissel of Goodridge placing first with ‘The Three Largest Carnivorous Dinosaurs,’ Elk Point Multi member Alexis Danyluk placing second with ‘Kangaroos’ and Hjordis St. Arnault of Boscombe third with ‘Chickens.’ St. Paul Multi Club member Joshua Charbonneau was the fourth competitor, speaking on ‘A Piece of Modern Day Technology.’

Tyson Trefanenko of St. Paul Multi led the way in the Intermediate group, judged by Susan Kotowich-Dubrule, Anita Hellquist and Ed Palmer, his winning submission entitled ‘100 Liters of Pancake Mix’. Hailey Danyluk, Elk Point Beef, was second with ‘Social Media’ and Kali Janz of Goodridge came third with ‘She Shoots, She Scores.’ Miley Michaud of Boscombe was the fourth competitor, with ‘Cattle to the Max.’

Mercedes Trefanenko of St. Paul Multi topped the Senior group, with ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger’ while Jorja Hagen of Goodridge placed second with ‘More Than We Expected’ and Tyson Kotowich, Elk Point Beef, was third with ‘How Did I Get Here?” Lars St. Arnault of Boscombe completed the senior group with ‘Takeaways.’ Terri Hampson, Leon Ward and Niki Scheck were the Senior judges.

Mistress of ceremonies for the event was Courtney Werstiuk, with the speakers timed by Brooke and Janet Kotowich and Jennifer Germain and Jason Boorse serving as tellers.

First place winners from the St. Paul District competition qualified to compete in the North East Region Communications in Wainwright on March 25.