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Hospital foundation 'grateful' for $110,000 raised


ST. PAUL - The St. Paul & District Hospital Foundation has a final total tallied from its March 7 gala, held at the St. Paul Rec. Centre.

An impressive total of $110,249 was raised at the annual fundraiser this year by the community. The foundation's goal was $113,000. Funds will be used to purchase a variety of equipment.

Equipment on this year's list includes: a fetal monitor for acute care, endoscopy tower for the OR, air mattress for acute care, physiotherapy equipment and a STAT centrifuge for the lab.

"We just can't believe we raised that much," said foundation president Noreen Brousseau. While the board hasn't had a meeting yet to discuss specifics, she's confident all the equipment will be purchased. The foundation also has funds in place from working a casino.

Brousseau added that she is very "grateful" the event, which was sold out, happened when it did. Just days after the event was held, the province restricted gatherings with more than 250 people as steps began to be taken to slow the spread of COVID-19.