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Town of Elk Point's snow removal goes according to priorities

The Town of Elk Point follows a list of priorities when removing snow after heavy snowfall.
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ELK POINT – The removal of snow following the Nov. 16 storm brought “a lot of complaints,” but breakdowns and a shortage of workers meant that “we weren’t able to meet the deadlines,” CAO Ken Gwozdz told Elk Point town council at their Nov 22 meeting. He added a big thank you to Public Works superintendent Jay Duffee and his crew for their persistence and dedication despite the difficulties, and to the residents and businesses for their patience and understanding.

“We have to do the best we can with what we’ve got,” Mayor Parrish Tung agreed.

The Town’s snow removal policy is based on priority. When there is a snowfall of three or more inches, the first priority is to clean the route to the healthcare centre, 50 Ave from 51 Street to 54 Street. Next comes the school area: 50 Street from 50 Ave. to 55 Ave. and 51 Street from 50 Ave. to 55 Ave. Third, roadways leading out of town: 54 Street from 50 Ave to Highway 646, 50 Ave. from 54 Street to the town limits, Railway Ave. from 54 Street to Highway 41 and 57 Street to Highway 41. Next on the list is 52 Street from 55 Ave. to 60 Ave.

Those areas are followed by the Town’s utility water and wastewater plants, and the industrial area as needed.

Downtown areas are not typically cleaned until early the following day, allowing businesses time to clean their sidewalks onto the street for pickup, unless there is an unusually heavy snowfall, in which case it would be fit into the first day schedule.

Downtown cleaning starts at 5 a.m. with 50 Street from 51 Ave. to Railway Ave, 49 Ave. from 49 Street to 51 Street, 50 Ave. from Highway 41 to 51 Street, 51 Street from 50 Ave. to 49 Ave. and 49 Street from 50 Ave. to 49 Ave.

Residential areas are graded after these areas are completed, on an as-needed basis, and are not graded down to pavement in order to leave some snow as insulation over water lines.