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Remember the Holodomor

Many cultures and nationalities have dark tragedies woven into their roots and history that they will forever remember and pass down through generations.

STRIP open house should have been in a town hall format

It is often said that first impressions are everything and a new company's way of introducing a controversial experimental project to the community is no exception.

Bonnyville football building for the future

The Bonnyville Bandits have only been around since 2008 but in that short time the team has already made a big difference in the local football system.

Three leaders: three views

Recently, three regional leaders submitted to extended, no-holds barred interviews with the Nouvelle. The leaders were Bonnyville Mayor Ernie Isley, MD of Bonnyville Reeve Ed Rondeau, and Cold Lake Mayor Craig Copeland.

Hypocrisy the fallout from senators' action

Before his Conservative party was elected as government in 2006, Stephen Harper mused about the challenges of working with a then-Liberal dominated Senate.

Government's actions in health care result in loss of trust

To the Editor: The Progressive Conservative Party under the leadership of Ed Stelmach has asked Albertans to "JUST TRUST US," in this entire matter of reforming the Health Act. Generally, trust is earned.
Distracted? Who? Me?

Distracted? Who? Me?

As you make your way down Main Street in your vehicle, the guy in front of you, the one driving the truck with the right signal light flashing as he creeps along Main Street at 30 km/h — The same guy who suddenly hits the brakes, changes his signal t

Water rights, who needs them?

In Canada we are lucky. We have plenty of water. We also have plenty of resources to access that water and ensure that we have enough clean drinking water for all. But not all countries are that lucky.

Gambling for our schools

The direction from the Catholic archdiocese has made it clear that Catholic schools must stop fundraising through gambling activities, including casinos and high-stakes bingos.

Dropping the chocolate for the apple

Over a recent lunch of fries, onion rings and burgers, a friend brought up the fact that some Americans are pushing to remove free toy giveaways with unhealthy fast food meals.