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If we're going to regulate entertainment...

Elsewhere in this issue of the Nouvelle is a story about council's general desire to see the town's landuse bylaw enforced when it comes to adult entertainment ā€” whatever that entertainment may be.

Cuff report worth reading

Unless you've been hiding under a rock and avoiding print and broadcast media sources for the past week or so, you're probably well aware the Cuff report on the inspection of the City of Cold Lake showed up in Cold Lake on Wednesday evening.

Teacher and students impress

Living across the back alley from Bonnyville Centralized High School for the last seven years, our family has seen the worst of high school behaviour. Bad language, tons of garbage, and destruction of property top the list.

Report must see regional context

After months of waiting, the public will finally hear from the man hired to look into how things are done in the City of Cold Lake.

LICA celebrating 10 years of working in our communities

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of Lakeland Industry & Community Association, commonly known as LICA, I would appreciate the opportunity to provide your readers with some information about our great organization.

Appeal for tolerance

In the modern continuation of an event held in 1893, more than 5,000 participants from some 80 countries, with members of religions including Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, and Baha'i, as well as indigenous faiths and traditions, a

Visits from ministers a welcome part of democracy

Starting this week, Albertans are supposed to be seeing more of their government's top officials live and in person.

Municipalities should encourage interest in the business

$33.5 million ā€” not bad. A 649 lottery win? Nope. That's what the MD of Bonnyville has budgeted to collect in taxes this year for municipal purposes.

Plan to comment on East Gate plan

Elsewhere in this issue of the Nouvelle you can read about the proposed East Gate area structure plan, a document that offers a fairly clear vision for the future of the northeast section of our growing community.

Issue of affordable housing strikes again

The issue of affordable housing has risen its head yet again, with the dilapidated state of Sun Country Villageā€™s trailers again coming to the attention of the St. Paul Journal.