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Edmonton City Centre Airport debate touches down in Bonnyville

A recent presentation by Envision Edmonton brought the issue of the Edmonton City Centre Airport to Bonnyville. The morning presentation featured media commercials for radio and television with the group's case to keep the downtown airport open.

Lack of interest at camps puzzling

Do people in Bonnyville not care about sports? That was my reaction on Monday morning after hearing that the Lakeland Rustlers basketball camp had been cancelled.

G20 planners made poor choice for summit venue

If you were wondering a few months ago about the wisdom of spending $1 billion on security to hold a political summit in the middle of urban Canada — and disrupt its commerce and regular routine — then you're probably still wondering today.

Land sale decision resulted from flawed process

Two weeks ago MD of Bonnyville council voted 4-3 in favour of a contentious discount land sale. Council voted — incorrectly in the eyes of many MD voters — to offer to sell 2.

What were they thinking?

Re: Contentious land sale Let it be known that I have no problem with an Islamist Society or any other religion building a house of worship… on land they purchased at fair market value. This is NOT an issue of race or religion.

Litter deserves our true attention

Lorna Storoschuk is right. The Bonnyville town councillor says residents (young and old), business owners and the Town of Bonnyville itself need to be more conscious of our image and more caring about the environment.

Minister's local visit a reason for optimism

Alberta Energy Minister Ron Liepert visited Alberta's other oilsands on Friday on his way back south from Fort McMurray, and while Liepert didn't drop any major public promises while passing through the Lakeland, his presence in the region must be vi

Rodeo effort shows spirit of community

We hope Mother Nature's ears are burning. Seriously burning. Surely she knows she was talked about at length in Bonnyville over the weekend as she “blessed” the area with downright lousy weather.

If we're going to regulate entertainment...

Elsewhere in this issue of the Nouvelle is a story about council's general desire to see the town's landuse bylaw enforced when it comes to adult entertainment — whatever that entertainment may be.

Cuff report worth reading

Unless you've been hiding under a rock and avoiding print and broadcast media sources for the past week or so, you're probably well aware the Cuff report on the inspection of the City of Cold Lake showed up in Cold Lake on Wednesday evening.