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Political system requires participation from everyone to be effective

Journalists and politicians have an interesting relationship; they are two parts of the same system. Politicians rely on the press to relay information to the public and journalists report on issues that are relevant to their readers.

Clinical trials a bold but needed move

Italian researcher Dr.

Election fever hits Lakeland

If you've been feeling feverish lately, it's not the changing weather: it's the bad rash of elections coming your way in the not so distant future.

Hello Bonnyville!

I'm very excited to be here in Bonnyville as the Nouvelle's new editor. From what I've heard and experienced so far, Bonnyville seems to be a real community-oriented town, where people like to get involved and support each other.

Park proposal makes sense

The proposed Island Bay provincial park and recreation area is a good idea and would be a step in the right direction for preserving some of the remaining natural habitat around Moose Lake.

Flooded by disinformation

Is it just me, or is Pakistan not being flooded with donations? It seems like lately the news surrounding the flooding in Pakistan has not actually been about the flooding at all.

The Ocean Ranger

On Feb. 15, 1982, Newfoundlanders and Labradorians witnessed the worst offshore drilling accident in Canadian History with the loss of 84 lives.
Lakelanders love their cars

Lakelanders love their cars

People of the Lakeland region love their autos, and at no time is this more apparent than in summer. Not only do Lakelanders love their cars and trucks, they use them to raise money for good causes and great community events.

Great events are what summer is all about

From the cheers and applause in Glendon on Saturday, it's clear that Glendon and area loves its Derby Daze. For all the smashing and bashing of metal and tires and bumpers falling off, the derby provided those in attendance a great show.


"We must develop or perish," said Premier Joseph R Smallwood in July, 1949. A very significant part of Newfoundland history is the Smallwood years from 1949-1972.