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Lakelanders love their cars

Lakelanders love their cars

People of the Lakeland region love their autos, and at no time is this more apparent than in summer. Not only do Lakelanders love their cars and trucks, they use them to raise money for good causes and great community events.

Great events are what summer is all about

From the cheers and applause in Glendon on Saturday, it's clear that Glendon and area loves its Derby Daze. For all the smashing and bashing of metal and tires and bumpers falling off, the derby provided those in attendance a great show.


"We must develop or perish," said Premier Joseph R Smallwood in July, 1949. A very significant part of Newfoundland history is the Smallwood years from 1949-1972.

Veterans' plates recognize contribution to Canada

Next week members of Canadian Forces in Alberta who have served for three years or more will for the first time be able to request a veteran's licence plate.

Hello Bonnyville

“Put me in, coach!” And now, stepping up to the sports desk, standing 5'10” and weighing in at a meager 70kg, the new sports writer for the Bonnyville Nouvelle, Brandon MacLeod (crickets chirping).

What's for supper tonight?

A childhood memory of mine is coming home for supper at 5 p.m. and asking the question, “What's for supper?” Now suppertime in Newfoundland is really dinner here in Alberta and dinner in Newfoundland is lunchtime here.

Province needs stronger defence of oilsands industry

Recently an ad campaign delivered a message to U.S. residents. The campaign, so-called "Rethink Alberta," placed billboards in a handful of American cities to discourage tourism to Alberta.

Parents' names would be helpful

I have lived in Bonnyville since 1945 and I am familiar with many names that appear in our local newspaper.

Seniors put on a good show

This past weekend saw some of our area's greatest senior athletes compete in a myriad of competitions and I, for one, was impressed by their enthusiasm, determination and ability.
Extrication Challenge showcases skills

Extrication Challenge showcases skills

On Saturday, a six-person team of Bonnyville Fire Department members competed at the Alberta Regional Fire Extrication Challenge.