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Town pays 41% of Evergreen deficit

Members of the Evergreen Regional Waste Commission are stuck with almost $130,000 to pay from a deficit in 2010. The Town of St. Paul passed a motion on March 28 to pay 41.

Alberta Health slow to approve equipment purchase

The bureaucracy of Alberta Health Services (AHS) is slowing down the purchase of equipment even when completely funded privately, according to local fundraisers. The St.
Local man tests glass canoe

Local man tests glass canoe

A dream came true at the St. Paul Aquatic Centre when Smoky Lake’s Scott Adamson tested a glass canoe he designed and manufactured on March 25. “To see my nephews and nieces in the water under the canoe was quite a thrill,” said Adamson.

Candidates declare intentions to run

The Green Party and the NDP party recently announced candidates for the federal election in the Westlock-St. Paul constituency.

Local fish are on drugs

Taking birth control pills? You may be turning local fish into girls, says a scientist. University of Alberta biologist Greg Goss gave a free talk on pharmaceuticals in the North Saskatchewan River Monday at the Art Gallery of Alberta.
Liberal candidate readies for May 2

Liberal candidate readies for May 2

Rob Fox defines himself as a family man, a businessman, a politician, but most of all, a proud Canadian. The Liberal candidate for the Westlock-St. Paul riding believes that Canada has grown unrecognizable and it’s time for a change.

VIDEO: Local man invents glass canoe

Scott Adamson tests the glass canoe he invented and manufactured at the St. Paul Aquatic Centre on March 25.

New library manager settles in

The new library manager, Kerry Trottier, wants to encourage the community to make use of the large selection of services available through the St. Paul Municipal Library. “The library is open to anyone," said Trottier.

Minister cites partisan politics for confusion on bills

“The thrust of these three acts is to give landowners more rights, and that’s the total opposite of what’s being said,” said Minister of Infrastructure Ray Danyluk, defending legislation that Keith Wilson took aim at in an information meeting in St.

Let the campaigns begin

After a non-confidence vote in parliament on Friday afternoon, the airspace across the country was filled with politicians travelling from Ottawa back to their home ridings, including Westlock-St. Paul MP Brian Storseth.