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Gas pipeline leak makes it even colder for Elk Point residents

Elk Point residents were without natural gas for a period of time on Monday. Service has since been restored.
Much of the province is in the midst of a cold snap.

ELK POINT - Many Elk Point and area residents experienced an extra chilly morning on Monday, Dec. 27, when natural gas service was unexpectedly cut off to homes and businesses for a short period due to a pipeline leak.

Apex Utilities Inc. (AUI) reported that the exact cause of the outage was under investigation, but that they had a temporary source in place to maintain service while their technicians repaired the leak.

“Safety is our number one priority, and keeping our customers warm is a big part of that,” AUI director of distribution operations Dan Paquette said in a news release. “Our amazing technicians are in the area and working to relight appliances for affected customers as soon as possible,” he said following resumption of service.

AUI’s offered information that outlined relighting procedures, which allowed many residents and businesses to get their premises warm again, while others welcomed the technicians who provided assistance.

Elk Point - and most of the province - was still under an Extreme Cold Warning a day after natural gas service resumed, with Environment Canada forecasting high temperatures of -30 C or lower until Friday, with overnight lows dropping to -38 C on Tuesday night and -34 C the following two nights, with wind chills as cold as -43 C.