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Dog park location chosen

An area north of the Iron Horse Campground received the most votes as a preferred location for a dog park.
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ST. PAUL - After conducting a poll that received over 500 responses, Town of St. Paul council has agreed on which location to move forward with for an off-leash dog park. 

At the June 28 council meeting, a decision was made to proceed with the creation of a fenced off area for a dog park on the southeast end of town, at Lavoie Park. But, a number of residents expressed discontent about the choice and inability to have a say in where the dog park was located.

Then, at the July 6 council meeting, a decision was made to proceed with a poll that included a number of possible locations, along with the opportunity for residents to give their own suggestions and vote on the location.

The results were presented at the last regular meeting on July 26, with the "clear winner" being north of Iron Horse Campground, on the southern portion of land that is owned by the Town of St. Paul. The location received 158 votes, said CAO Kim Heyman.

The industrial park and the existing toboggan hill at Lagasse Park came in at second and third place. Administration recommended selecting the location with the most votes.

During discussions, Coun. Brad Eamon asked if there could be an overhead view of the area provided, and an idea as to what the park will look like, so it could be shared with residents.

The Town of St. Paul will also have to inform the farmer who is renting the piece of land, and give sufficient notice, heard council. 

Access to the park will likely be through the campsite. 

Coun. Nathan Taylor asked to amend the recommended motion, to include wording that would ensure plans and a design were completed.

"This is the focus, this is the plan, here it is," said Taylor, when describing what he would like to see happen.

Heyman said there could be a couple plans put together for the chosen location, while also keeping in mind the possibility of expanding the park later on. 

A motion to approve the location and direct administration to make further plans, including a site plan, for the area was approved. 

There have also been discussions about creating a new toboggan hill in the same area. The tobogganing hill that exists at Lagasse Park has some safety issues, and some incidents occurred over the past season.

The area north of the campsite has also been suggested as a possible location for an outdoor rink and recreation space. In April of this year, the Town of St. Paul agreed to proceed with the creation of an outdoor recreation area.

A motion to proceed with plans for a dog park in the location north of the Iron Horse Campground was approved. 

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