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Bonnyville News

CNRL steam operations suspended after spills

The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) has ordered a series of restrictions for the CNRL Primrose and Wolf Lake project sites in a response to several recent incidents involving bitumen released to the surface and into a body of water, according to an AE

Ombudsman finds flaws in 4 Wing housing

Residents in the Lakeland are increasingly expressing their concerns over the rising cost of living, with the spotlight now focusing on accommodations at the Canadian Forces Base in Cold Lake.

World renowned musician returns to Bonnyville

Bonnyville residents are preparing themselves for a show of a lifetime, as a Canadian “national treasure” will be in town July 20, performing on stage at the Centennial Centre for the first time in years.

Considering a pet? Why not adopt?

Hello Bonnyville, today I'm going to tug on your heartstrings a little, in a similar way a story I wrote this week tugged on mine.
Abandoned and stray pets becoming an issue in Bonnyville

Abandoned and stray pets becoming an issue in Bonnyville

“A pet is for life,” those were the words spoken by Heather Mutch, manager of the Bonnyville SPCA, last week as she admitted the town and MD of Bonnyville had a significant problem with owners abandoning their pets.

Four MD councilors seeking re-election

With Reeve Ed Rondeau already formally announcing his intention to seek re-election this fall, the remaining MD councilors have chimed in as to whether they will be running for another term in October's municipal election.

MD aims to amend bylaw

The MD of Bonnyville council is attempting to amend a Land Use Bylaw that would allow the municipality to install and operate several municipal services without the requirement of a development permit.
Festival-goers feast on pyrogies

Festival-goers feast on pyrogies

Glendon hosted another successful Pyrogy Festival on June 29th in Pyrogy Park. Hundreds of people from all over Alberta showed up to the 22nd annual festival to enjoy some of Glendon's famous pyrogies.

Big wages a problem for small businesses in Bonnyville

With the average wage for Albertans steadily climbing over the past few years, one financial organization has stepped forward raising concerns that a continued surge could prove too much to handle for small and mid-sized businesses in the province.

Rondeau seeking another term as reeve

MD of Bonnyville Reeve Ed Rondeau has announced that he will be seeking another term in the upcoming October municipal election. “It has been my pleasure to represent the residents of the MD of Bonnyville for the last three years,” said Rondeau.