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Recycling plastic one part of stopping abuse of earth

To the Editor: This is in regards to the Town of St. Paul council’s decision to stop recycling plastic. First of all, I’m in doubt the plastics that were put inside the bins at the north end of St.

Firefighters should not be blamed

Serious issues, including safety concerns, ongoing of two and half years within the Bonnyville Regional Fire Authority (BRFA) have recently been brought to light.

Rental increase a real pinch on fixed income

To the Editor: I am writing this in frustration over a notice letter my friend received concerning a rental increase. As of March, 1, 2011, this individual will have to pay an extra $50 per month. St.

Fair value for dollar

To the Editor: This letter is in regards to County of St. Paul remuneration for its reeve and councillors.

Different view of the cage

After reading my colleague Brandon MacLeod's comments on the topic of a mixed-martial arts event in an opinion piece in last week's Nouvelle, I thought I'd try to bring another view to the cage.

Recycling not a magic bullet

It’s often hard to predict what will spur reader outrage or community feedback on a particular story, but the issue of recycling seems to have touched a nerve with some people, following a Town of St.

Christmas traditions' meaning murky, but meaningful

“Christmas is just plain weird.

It is better to give than to receive.

I heard one of my teachers say a long time ago that the real measure of a man (or woman) is not in what he (or she) takes, but in what he (or she) contributes to society.

Portage College metes out harsh justice

To the Editor: Singapore has a worldwide reputation for tough justice. The standing joke is you can be sentenced to death there for chucking chewing gum on the street.

Save the raccoons

An article I wrote this week about raccoons in the area enlightened me on some of the differences between wildlife in Alberta and Ontario, where I'm from originally.