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Equal treatment needed for all dance clubs

Dear Editor: I understand from reading the Oct. 5 issue of the St. Paul Journal that Town of St. Paul council is going to set aside some money to donate to the Ukrainian Dance Club to help with the club’s new studio costs.

Holes in story wide enough to ride ATV through

To the Editor: I am the President of Riverland Recreational Trail Society, the volunteer non-profit organization that operates the abandoned rail corridor as a multi-use recreational trail. I must confess Duane Gagne’s letter in the Oct. 5 St.

Time for change and new direction in county council

To the Editor: I attended the County All-Candidates forum on Wednesday night and came away somewhat unsettled. The subject of roads was most heavily weighted in the overall forum. Mr.

Reeve responds to trail clearing misconception

To the Editor: Mitch Lavoie asks a lot of questions in his letter to the editor about off-highway vehicle use in the Oct. 5 issue of the St. Paul Journal. I have one question of my own that I would like to ask Mr. Lavoie.

Water debate gets hot

If the taps were tightened somewhat after the Regional Utilities and Services Commission withdrew the application for a water supply line to Bonnyville last year, recent decisions and discussions of concerned parties loosened the spigot.

The valuable lessons Rover can teach

I thought Animal Health Week would be a good opportunity to rant about my pet-less childhood and how it has affected me in my adulthood.

Just had to play

It has now been two months of inundating myself in the local sports scene. Sports have become my life; they have taken over my dreams. But there was one problem: I was only reporting on them, not playing them.

Claws come out at election time

Elections are an interesting time. For politicians looking to keep their seats and convince people to vote for them, elections bring out their convictions, visions, goals and sometimes, their claws. In the lead up to elections, a Sept. 27 Town of St.

Time to ban non hands-free devices while driving.

Last week, I had a near-death experience on Highway 16 heading east on my way back to St. Paul after a brief visit to Edmonton.

Forced out of business by quad users and those who protect them

Dear Editor: This letter is concerning a question put forth by Reeve Robert Bouchard in the Sept. 28 issue of the St.